September 12, 2017

Amazing facts about Ancient Greece!

There is a lot that we can learn from our predecessors and the Ancient Greeks are a great place to start! Here are some facts about Ancient Greece that we found interesting:

  1. In ancient Greek, the word “idiot” meant anyone who didn’t participate in politics.
  1. In ancient Greece, the unibrow was a sign of intelligence and great beauty in women. Some women who didn’t have epic unibrows naturally used makeup to draw one on.
  1. In ancient Greece, wearing red lipstick was a sign that you were a person from the prostitute class. Under Greek law, prostitutes who appeared in public without their designated lip paint and other makeup could be punished for improperly posing as ladies.
  1. In ancient Greece, throwing an apple at somebody was a declaration of love, and in some instances, used as a marriage proposal.
  1. Legend has it that progressive resistance training dates back to ancient Greece when wrestler Milo of Croton trained by carrying a newborn calf on his back every day until it was fully grown.
  1. The middle finger originated in ancient Greece.
  1. Some citizens of ancient Greece lived over 100 years due to a healthy Mediterranean diet, the culture of physical activity, and sanitation.
  1. In ancient Greece, men with potbellies were thought to be exceptional leaders.
  1. In Greek mythology, the Gods punished Prometheus by having his liver eaten by eagles. It was then regrown so it could be eaten again every day. The reason for this was that in ancient Greece, the liver, rather than the heart, was thought to be the centre of human emotions.
  1. Birthday candles began in ancient Greece when people brought cakes adorned with lit candles to the temple of Artemis, goddess of the hunt. The candles were lit to make them glow like the moon, a symbol associated with Artemis.
  1. Spill the beans” came from ancient Greece where they would vote using beans.
  1. The ancient Greeks had a word, akrasia, which described the lack of will that prevents us from doing something that we know is good for us.
  1. In ancient Greece, there was a system where citizens could vote to exile a politician for 10 years.
  1. Ancient Greeks and Romans often bought slaves with salt. This is where the phrase “not worth his salt” comes from.
  1. The theory that planets orbit the sun was first proposed by the ancient Greek Aristarchus of Samos in the 3rd century BC.


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