October 4, 2017

Paros – A Summer Paradise

Paros is among the most popular of the Cycladic islands and it is easy to see why. With a host of fantastic beaches, picturesque towns and villages and a variety of cultural and historical site, Paros is an island that has everything.

Here we break down Paros so that you have all the information you need for a fantastic trip.

First up: Location, Location, Location!

Let’s start with how to get to Paros. There is an airport that services Paros with most flights coming from Athens Airport but with some international charter flights in the Summer. Take a look online for the best deals. The airport is well

There is an airport that services Paros with most flights coming from Athens Airport but with some international charter flights in the Summer. Take a look online for the best deals. The airport is well situated close to the main town of Paroikia.

Secondly, many tourists arrive by ferry boat from Athens or other islands. There are several ferry companies that service Paros and ferries leave from both Rafina and Piraeus. Take a look at for ferry options.

Now, where should you stay in Paros? Well, where you choose depends very much on what you are hoping to achieve during your stay. We at Athens Nomad always suggest and recommend renting a car on all islands as public transport is generally pretty poor. Paros is no exception to that. If you rent a car then you have the whole island to explore and this will really make the difference to your trip.

Your main choices when it comes to location are:

Paroikia:  The main town of the island close to the airport and where the ferries arrive and depart from. This is a nice little town with a more local feel than other places in Paros. It is a charming place with many shops, restaurants and cafes. It also has a thriving nightlife scene for both tourists and locals alike. Check out The Dubliner for a rowdy night out! Paroikia is also home to The Church of a Thousand Doors and The Frankish Castle which are well worth a visit for culture and history.

Naoussa: This is probably the main touristic centre of Paros. It is a beautiful town which draws comparisons to Mykonos town and Oia in Santorini (minus the view of course!). This is the perfect place to spend an evening with many cute restaurants and cafes to explore down the winding, picturesque streets. Check out Barbarossa for cool cocktails and a lively atmosphere!

Elsewhere: To be honest, apart from Naoussa and Paroikia, there are not many other centres of accommodation on Paros. The rest of the options are spread out across the island. The West and Noth coast is probably the easiest to reach and so is mainly used by foreign tourists. The East coast tends to be reserved for the locals and a string of super fancy villas and infinity pools. The great advantage of Paros though is its size. With a car, you can easily drive around the whole island in around an hour. Which means that you are never further than 30 minutes away from the other side of the island and this is great as you can explore different places each day.


Second: Beaches!

Paros has many many fantastic beaches all around the island so that you can escape the strong winds that sometimes plague the Cyclades. Here we run down some of our favourites:

Kolumbithres: This is definitely the most unique of Paros’ beaches and something that should definitely be visited. Despite its fame, it is actually quite chilled out as it comprises of three separate beaches. The main beach tends to be busiest but if you continue on a little then you can reach two smaller separate beaches. Each beach has sunbeds, umbrellas and coffee!

Monastiri: This is a little way further along the path to Kolumbithres and is an equally pretty beach. Here you will find a small bay with a monastery on one side and a shallow beach where you can walk out for quite some way. This is great for families and has a nice chilled out atmosphere. There are also some paths you can walk in the area to go get a great view of Naoussa Bay.

Santa Maria: This is a fantastic beach with a lively beach bar and a big stretch of sand. Swim in the crystal clear waters, grab a beer at the bar, have a bite to eat or just chill out on the sunbeds. There is also a water sports centre where you can rent out SUP boards or take a ride on the inflatables.

Golden Beach: This is another lovely beach, this time on the east coast. Semi organised, you can find sunbeds and coffee as well as empty stretches of sand where you can sit for free. It has the lovely, clear water that you see in the magazines.


Lastly: Where to go!

To be honest, Paros is mainly about the towns and the beaches but there are some things that are worth a trip such as Butterfly Valley which is an open air park that is home to many species of butterflies. There is also the village of Leukes up in the mountain which has a fantastic view of the island and some great eateries. If you want a break from the beaches there is also the Water Park near Naoussa.

Wherever you go in Paros you will find fantastic beaches, charming towns and villages and warm and friendly people. The best thing to do it just jump in the car and explore!

Let us know your favourite places in Paros!

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